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Hot Water Heater Pricing

Prices are for standard atmospheric venting models.

Pricing of Power-Vented or high output models
Call - 403 247 1111 for quotes.

Bradford White N/G 40us Gallon $900.00 and up. Call for pricing. installed +GST

Bradford White N/G 50us Gallon regular price 1550.00 and up installed +GST Call for pricing

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How To Turn Off Your Water-Heater:

1) Turn off the gas or electricity to the water-heater. This can be done by locating the gas control valve at the bottom of the water heater, you will find the control dial for turning off the fuel supply. Turn this to the off position. On electric water-heaters, the breaker panel box has a power supply to the water-heater. Switch this breaker to the off position.

2) Locate the water inlet pipe, turn the water off going onto the tank.

3) Locate the drain valve at the bottom of the tank, hook a hose to the tank, run the hose to a drain and open the valve. You must also open a hot-water tap at any sink other faucet, leave the tap open until all the water is out of the tank. Only use a faucet that has a two handle design, single lever taps will allow water from the cold side back into the tank.


Repairs To All Makes Of Water Heaters

  • John Wood commercial and residential models.
  • Rheem commercial and residential models.
  • Rheem/Rudd commercial and residential models.
  • Giant commercial and residential models.

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