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Furnace Repairs and New Furnace Information For Calgary Alberta

Are you thinking of replacing your furnace? If your furnace is over 15 years of age, you should replace with a new more efficient model. With all the different types and makes, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the make and model right for you.

Things to look for:

  • Do you need a fresh-air and combustion air intake pipe
    install? If there isn't a fresh-air and combustion air intake currently in your home, you are required by law to have one installed with the new furnace.
  • Do you need a high efficient furnace?  High efficient furnaces use less gas than the regular mid efficient units, however, furnace and installation cost are higher. In Canada, high efficient furnaces are mandated by law.
  • Do you need to upgrade your cold-air return ducts in your
    home? New furnaces blow much more air through the duct work than older models, this means you may
    need to install more return air for the new furnace to work properly.
  • Make sure you have an easy to change filter system installed with the new furnace. A clean furnace is a happy furnace!
  • A city of Calgary permit is required for all new installs in the city of Calgary.
  • Only licensed gasfitters or sheet medal mechanics can do the furnace install.  Ask to see credentials.
  • At Mr Tap, we can install a new furnace for you. If you need to finance, we can help with our in house financing plans. Call Rod for a quote when your ready.