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Sewer Back-Ups

Follow these steps to get the crap moving again;

1) For those of you that want to try and clear a clogged main line your self, please go to and view some how to tips. Please note that most people that have tried to do this type of work themselves end up calling a professional in the end. Cleaning sewers is dirty, nasty hard work.

2) To clear the clogged drains fast, call us. Until the service-man is finished clearing the blockage, stop using your drains. If you must use the toilet, don't flush. If you must use the sinks, plug your sinks to prevent water from going down the drains.

3) Call us to auger your drains.
     North Calgary - 403 247-1111
     South Calgary - 403 253 -1110

3) Call a disaster restoration company.  They will come out and get the clean-up started day or night.

4) Call your insurance company and make a claim. If you are not insured, make sure you can afford the cost of the companies you are going to hire. Ask for quotes, see what you can do yourself. Ask for help from your friends and family. Many policy's have a "sewer back up clause"


Common Drain Clogging Causes

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Roots
  • Broken or defective sewer piping
  • Garburators that have gone defective
  • Objects flushed down the sewers that will not dissolve.