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Poly B Pipes Replacements

If your home has poly B pipes, you might want to consider replacing them with new materials. Over the years there have been lawsuits in the USA and Canada that has since wrapped up. Please see below for help with your poly b pipe repairs and replacements.

We at Mr. Tap now offer a "one stop shop" Poly B pipe removal and replacement. We now can take care of the drywall repairs, painting, re-tiling along with the complete re-plumbing of your home.

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FQAs on Poly B pipe replacements:
1) Can I live in my home while your doing the work?
 Yes, we will leave you with a bathroom and water at the kitchen sink at the end of each day. Keep in mind there will be obvious signs of construction in your home, dust will be controlled, but cannot be 100 percent eliminated.
2) Do you have to cut into the drywall or ceiling spaces to replace the poly b pipes?
Yes, unfortunately we do have to access the pipes by cutting into the walls.
3) Do you repair the drywall damage after the pipes are all replaced?
Yes, starting January 2007, we will have a dry-waller, general carpentry and tiling along with painting and any other repairs required as a result of replacing the grey plastic pipes. Please ask the estimator for the full range of services offered
4) What kind of pipes do you use now?
Unless a customer specifically ask us to use copper, we use "PEX". Pex a plastic pipe that has had great successes through-out north America. We always run the new pipes using the "Home Run" method. This means you have one water line per tap ran right back to the main source.
5) Do you cover my furniture?
Yes, we cover any areas we can with plastic to prevent dust from settling on your contents. We also drape off areas of the house to control dust from getting everywhere.
6) Do you replace my furniture back to its original spot after your done?
No, we do not re-set any contents removed from shelves, from under cabinets or move furniture back to its original spot.
7) Do you do a final cleaning after the job is done?
Yes and No, We only do a general clean-up, but if you wish, we can hire a cleaning company to better do this job. This would be an extra cost to you.